Publications acceptées

- "IL-15Rα membrane-anchorage either in cis or in trans is required for stabilization of IL-15 and optimal signalling"
Agnès Quéméner, Sébastien Morisseau, Rui P. Sousa, Kilian Trillet, Mike Maillasson, Isabelle Leray, Yannick Jacques, Johann Dion, Isabelle Barbieux, Marie Frutoso, Adèle D. Laurent, Jean-Yves Le Questel, and Erwan Mortier.
Journal of Cell Science.
Article en Open Access publié le 25 octobre 2019:  télécharger l'article

- “DockNmine, a Web Portal to Assemble and Analyse Virtual and Experimental Interaction Data”
Ennys Gheyouche, Romain Launay, Jean Lethiec, Antoine Labeeuw, Caroline Roze, Alan Amosé and Stéphane Téletchéa.
Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 20; Special Issue 20: Recent Developments on Protein–Ligand Interactions: From Structure, Function to Applications, MDPI Editor.
Article en Open Access publié le 12 octobre 2019:  télécharger l'article

- “Mechanistic and Structural Insights on the IL-15 System through Molecular Dynamics Simulations”
Rui P. Sousa, Adèle D. Laurent, Agnès Quéméner, Erwan Mortier and Jean-Yves Le Questel.
Journals: Molecules, Vol. 24; Special Issue 18: Computational Methods for Drug Discovery and Design, MDPI Editor.
Article en Open Access publié le 06 septembre 2019 : télécharger l'article

-  “PBmapclust: Mapping and Clustering the Protein Conformational Space Using a Structural Alphabet EUROVIS 2019”
Iyanar. Vetrivel, Lionel Hoffmann, Sean Guegan, Bernard Offmann, Adèle D. Laurent. Editors: Byska, Jan and Krone, Michael and Sommer, Björn, Collections MolVa: Workshop on Molecular Graphics and Visual Analysis of Molecular Data 2019.
Publisher: The Eurographics Association
Article en Open Access publié en 2019 : télécharger l'article

- “Computational Simulations Determining Disulfonic Stilbene Derivatives Biodisponibility Within Human Serum Albumin”
Titouan Jaunet-Lahary, Daniel P. Vercauteren, Fabrice, Fleury, Adèle D. Laurent.
Journal: Physical Chemistry. Chemical Physics, 2018,20, 18020-18030, RSC (Royal Society of Chemestry).
Article en Open Access publié le 04 juin 2018 : télécharger l'article

- “Discovery of a Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Interleukin 15: Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening and Hit Optimization”
Agnès Quéméner, Mike Maillasson, Laurence Arzel, Benoit Sicard, Romy Vomiandry, Erwan Mortier, Didier Dubreuil, Yannick Jacques, Jacques Lebreton, Monique Mathé-Allainmat.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017 Jul 27; 60(14): 6249-6272, ACS Publications.
Article en Open Access publié le 28 juin 2017 :  télécharger l'article