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- Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
"Discovery of a small-molecule inhibitor of IL-15 : Pharmacophore-based virtual screening and hit optimization"
Agnès Quéméner, Mike Maillasson, Laurence Arzel, Benoit Sicard, Romy Vomiandry, Erwan Mortier, Didier Dubreuil, Yannick Jacques, Jacques Lebreton, Monique Mathé-Allainmat.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, (2017), 60 (14), 6249-6272


- "IL-15 - IL2R interactions forms a press-stud interface locked by membrane-bound IL-15"
In preparation

- "Probing the importance of interfacial residues in the IL-15 system through computations and experiments"
In preparation